WHO WAS K? revealed!  [evidence provided]

remember this? the mysterious ‘K’ that has caused people to speculate all kinds of hilarious shit - from K for kim kardashian, to it’s actually japanese letters for irina, it’s a blade of grass, drunken half-finished tattoo and my favorite he named his son  Kristiano jr.

well i decided to be a stalker do some detective work and discover the truth…

i saw this awesome pic of the boys going to training via bella-avalon (her personal pictures, mind)

jokingly i thought ”well clearly this is when kaka wrote the ‘K’ on cris” it’s the perfect angle and the right shoulder etc. then i found this little gem of a video of the boys entering the practice field having just got off the cart. the K on cris’ shoulder is present when he enters, yes? kaka lifts his sleeve to point at the exact same spot after cris says something to him, yes? kaka looks to be holding something in his hand YES? at the end of the video he even looks like he’s handing it over to pepe.

so i studied the video some more like a stalker and discovered…

KAKA WITH SHARPIE IN HAND. that’s right i believe this is enough proof to say that K isn’t for kim or kristiano or a blade of grass, it’s for Kaka!!

make what you want of that ;)

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